this is not my dog. But I did paint this house. both are cute.

You found me… yay lucky you! Welcome to my portfolio where you’ll find all things brain vomit but organized. To start, I grew up in Portland, Oregon surrounded by a lot of openness, inclusivity, and doughnuts. My first real job was at Kohls department store hiding in the fitting rooms. So there’s that. I currently live in San Francisco and have been here for the past four years making things. Since living here I have found my artistic identity and have even painted my first mural in the Outer Sunset District of SF. On a house! Huge for me. I studied advertising at the Academy of Art in SF with a focus in Art Direction and want to share my knowledge of art direction and fine art with brands. I’ve been a storyteller and artist for as long as I can remember and I hope you enjoy the work that has gotten me to where I am now. Which I guess is scaling houses to paint flowers… who would’ve thought?!