Tropicana #SqueezeTheday

For years, we have fallen victim to the Monday blues –– that inevitably irritating person who annoys you to the brink of an actual mental breakdown, that boss who still won’t give you the promotion you deserve. We try to push through the day, but sometimes it gets the best of us. That’s where where Tropicana comes in. Tropicana has been dedicated to starting the mornings right since 1947. Morning, day, or night –– Squeeze the Day with Tropicana orange juice.



Tropicana will present “Brain Teasers,” a social trivia campaign challenging you to name the pop culture character who needs a glass of Tropicana orange juice to #SqueezeTheDay. Instagram users will be encouraged to nominate someone they think could use a glass of orange due to their unfortunate mood using the hashtag #SqueezeTheDay. Tropicana will then make a little riddle about them based off of their Instagram.



Tropicana will produce the Squeeze the Day YouTube series: 30-second spots highlighting unpleasant aspects of our day –– then reversing them with a sunshiny glass of fresh squeeze orange juice. In one of the videos Tropicana will seek out a few of the 385 people named Monday and surprise them with their very own glass of Tropicana Orange Juice to brighten their day. In another video, Tropicana will shock the new Dads in various hospital nurseries with a glass of cold orange juice to relax their white knuckles.