SF Flower House

What started as a distant dream to paint all over the houses in SF actually became a reality for me. I partnered with my friend Patricia (@patrix15) to liven up the Outer Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco with a house covered in flowers. The idea came from my endless graphic edits of illustrated flowers on SF houses that I posted to Instagram. I then dabbled in some street painting of flowers and that’s when Patricia reached out to me to paint the house she lived in. I told her I would mock up a version of her house with my flower edits for her to show the land lady. After 3 months of anticipation I received a text that said the land lady approved our idea! We spent 5 months of long weekends painting the house and trouble shooting ways to reach the top. We finally finished the project in October 2018.

Blood, sweat and tears (minus blood… I don’t think there was blood) went into painting my first mural and I’m so incredibly proud of this project. It gained a lot of momentum through the #SFFLOWERHOUSE hashtag I started on Instagram as well as organic PR from locals posting photos of the house and tagging me in them. The positivity surrounding the house was absolutely contagious and all I could’ve hoped for in this project. To show that women can paint big and we can contribute something to combat all the negativity in the world was the basis and inspiration of this project.

The mural was up for 8 months before being painted over in early May 2019. The #SFFLOWERHOUSE is anticipating a new project to be popping up to bring positivity in another SF neighborhood.