San Francisco would be a better place if it honored women as much as men.


The Problem

San Francisco’s historic women are underrepresented. Of all the city’s streets named after people, only 27% are named for women.

The Solution

Rather than let our city's historic and influential women fade into the background, the Ms. Representation Project is moving them to the forefront by rededicating San Francisco's street names to them.


The Idea


Here is the idea behind Ms. Representation Project, presented in the order of the user experience.


Tagged Streets

By adding a "Ms." in front of well-known streets named after men –– or mistakenly believed to be named after men, we brought attention to our female legends who are so often overlooked.


Social accounts

And while these temporary landmarks tell San Francisco's local ‘her’story, our website and social can help keep their stories front and center where they belong. To drive traffic online, we tagged the streets with our Instagram account. We wanted to make it easy for people to find the herstory behind the street they see in front of them. Each of our highlighted women has a row of content dedicated to her, with a photograph of her tagged street, a stylized portrait of her, and finally, an icon that symbolized a key part of her identity.



Our Instagram links to our website. Visitors can browse San Francisco’s herstory by name or by the location. We wanted the project to live and breathe beyond us, so we also invited visitors to submit the stories of any influential  women missing from our site –– along with the misrepresented street they’d like rededicated to her.


The Results

Our guerrilla strategy earned us a lot of organic PR –– in less than a week after our launch, the Ms. Representation Project had 200+ followers and 1,000+ impressions, and was even picked up by few Instagram influencers. The project even got picked up by Adweek (and was trending for a few days after it went live!):


What’s Next?

We can’t just let this powerful movement fade into the background once again so the Ms.Representation Project will move from the streets to the monuments that underrepresent women. A city ordinance in SF passed that requires 30% of statues to represent women. But we need more than 30 percent. So the Ms.Representation team will put capes with the Ms. logo with be put on all the male statues around SF that should really be dedicated to influential women. In addition to the spray chalk streets, Ms. logo stickers will be made to put on the street signs around SF. All of the stories will be recorded on the website with a full herstory.


By: Madison Kichler (AD), Sarah Hackett (AD), Sara Muchnick (CW), Rinny Shim (Production), Yash Ram (CW), and Katherine James (Account)