Canon #PostYourPortrait



Young people are looking to their phone cameras to take photos for their social media. Ultimately sacrificing quality for convenience.


Utilize the FACT that Canon DSLR cameras take THE BEST quality photos for young people’s social media.


Print / OOH Ads

Canon’s new DSLR camera is the thin line between the “selfie” and the “self portrait” –– and they want you to embrace that. And while you’re already taking photos for the #MichaelsChallenge, you can now also submit those taken on Canon’s new DSLR camera with the tag, #PostYourPortrait. Submissions will be printed in fashion and art magazines, like Vogue and Communication Arts, and will be featured outdoor in big cities, like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Every ad will be posted with the campaign’s signature headline, “SelfiePortrait.”



Canon will sponsor influencers to take on the #PostYourPortrait challenge in 2-minute videos for their blogs or social accounts. The spots will walk through their creative processes with Canon’s new DSLR before opening the floor for fan questions directed to their personalized hashtag, #PostYourPortrait(influencer’s name). Canon will then post snapshots of the influencers to their Instagram, revealing up close and personal moments of influencers behind the scenes, and behind the Canon lens.


Mobile App

Canon’s #PostYourPortrait app provides exclusive access to influencer content and Canon filters that can connect directly to the new DSLR camera.


Meet-Up Event

Canon will host creative meet-ups in craft stores nationwide, bringing creatives, influencers, and #PostYourPortrait participants together. The event will be complete with a photo booth, panel discussion and tutorials on how to take/edit the best photos for social media. Canon will stream the meet-ups on Facebook Live and Instagram Live, and will post a 2-minute recap video to their blog.


Flower Pop-Up

Canon will set up an outdoor flower pop-up and recruit people for the Canon #PostYourPortrait challenge. After using both the DSLR camera provided and your cell phone, you can decide which image is worth sharing. Canon will then post a 2-minute recap video to their blog.